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A FRANK AND BEAN Cover Reveal!

It's a new early reader, coming October 2019! Check out librarian Margie Myers-Culver's cover reveal of my new book with Bob Kolar, FRANK AND BEAN! 
Bob and I chat with her about the book, our favorite comfort foods, and if we're a Frank or a Bean!
Click here to visit Margie's booktastic blog!
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Special Delivery!

It's a real book to have and to hold! My advance copy of JOE AND SPARKY, PARTY ANIMALS! has arrived.

Here's a photo of my assistant enjoying the hilarious illustrations by the awesome Frank Remkiewicz.

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The Mystery Guest Celebri-Dot

Inspired by Peter H. Reynolds's beautiful picture book THE DOT--and the hilarious character that illustrator Frank Remkiewicz created in our new book--I recently made a CelebriDot. This guy is the life of the party in Joe and Sparky's latest adventure, JOE AND SPARKY, PARTY ANIMALS! (coming this August).

I also shared a story about reading THE DOT before it became a book. It's one of  Read More 
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Joe & Sparky's Television Debut!

Adam Busby reading JOE AND SPARKY GO TO SCHOOl to Blayke
With a big bowl of popcorn, my family settled in to watch the season premiere of OutDaughtered on TLC. It's the adorable reality show starring a family of eight, including the only all-girl quintuplets in the U.S. and their six-year-old sister, Blayke.

I'd heard a rumor that a Joe and Sparky book might make a cameo appearance. After spreading the word, I sure hoped it was true.

Then THIS moment appeared on our TV screen, and holy cow--that's JOE AND SPARKY GO TO SCHOOL! My family did not play it cool, and instead whooped and danced and sent what was left of the popcorn all over the living room floor.

I love that the Busby parents make time to read to their daughter every night. (How DO they do it??) Thanks and happy reading, Busby family!
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Joe & Sparky on OUTDAUGHTERED!

I heard a rumor that a Joe and Sparky book will be making a cameo appearance on the season premiere of OutDaughtered TONIGHT! Catch the crazy cuteness on TLC at 9/8c!
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Hope Street Block Party

Eat, play, and make cool stuff at the Hope Street Block Party in Providence tomorrow! Join me for storytime, crafts, and treats in the kids' tent. I'll be hanging with the Rhode Island children's book creators Gaia Cornwall, Anika Denise, Jannie Ho, and Christina Rodriguez. Hope to see you there!
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Paying Attention

Wow, it's been a while since I've shared book news here! Where have I been? This past year, I wrote full-time for a toy company (best office job ever!) while writing children's stories in the wee hours of the morning. The schedule left little time for updating my website. And quite frankly, I'd much rather write about other people like I do for The Little Crooked Cottage blog. But now that I'm writing stories full-time again, I'm all buzzy with creative energy!

Or maybe it's the gigantic cup of coffee.

In any case, I plan to post more often about what I'm reading, inspiration, my soon-to-be published books, and works-in-progress. One of the picture book stories I'm writing is about tiny things. As I was revising it, my son handed me this teeny cat as a present. He didn't know what I was writing; he just knows I love anything miniature. Now I keep it on my bookshelf as a reminder of my kind-hearted boy and of the quote below.

Amy Krouse Rosenthal once tweeted, "PAY ATTENTION TO WHAT YOU PAY ATTENTION TO." Her words have been on my mind a lot lately. They're about following your heart in life, but they can also be applied to writing. Even tiny objects and moments can become a story. Sometimes those stories are the best of all. Amy's words have inspired exciting new projects and ideas--big and small.

So, what have you been paying attention to lately?

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Sneak peek at Joe and Sparky, Party Animals!

For me, this is the moment when a book begins to feel real -- the first time I see its title in the publisher's catalog. Behold, the first sighting of Joe and Sparky, Party Animals! in Candlewick Press's 25th anniversary catalog.

And what a list! This season's catalog includes so many spectacular books that I had to  Read More 
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BYOB: Bring Your Own Bears

Yesterday I visited the famous children's bookshop The Blue Bunny Books and Toys in Dedham, Massachusetts for a Teddy Bear Storytime Party.

The Blue Bunny is owned by Peter Reynolds, bestselling author-illustrator of THE DOT and illustrator of the Judy Moody series, and his charming shop is every bit as magical as you might have heard.

I had the pleasure of reading THE COZIEST PLACE and dancing  Read More 
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The Little Crooked Cottage

From The Little Crooked Cottage blog. Illustration copyright by Christopher Denise.
"Who's the pig?" you ask. He's the reason I haven't updated this website for a while. (Although I plan to update a lot more this year.)

Meet Mr. Pig, star of the The Little Crooked Cottage, a children's book blog I created with friends and fellow authors Anika Denise, Kara LaReau, and Kristen Tracy.  Read More 
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