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Joe & Sparky's Television Debut!

July 13, 2017

Tags: OutDaughtered, Adam Busby, Blayke Busby, Joe and Sparky Go to School, TLC

Adam Busby reading JOE AND SPARKY GO TO SCHOOl to Blayke
With a big bowl of popcorn, my family settled in to watch the season premiere of OutDaughtered on TLC. It's the adorable reality show starring a family of eight, including the only all-girl quintuplets in the U.S. and their six-year-old sister, Blayke.

I'd heard a rumor that a Joe and Sparky book might make a cameo appearance. After spreading the word, I sure hoped it was true.

Then THIS moment appeared on our TV screen, and holy cow--that's JOE AND SPARKY GO TO SCHOOL! My family did not play it cool, and instead whooped and danced and sent what was left of the popcorn all over the living room floor.

I love that the Busby parents make time to read to their daughter every night. (How DO they do it??) Thanks and happy reading, Busby family!