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BYOB: Bring Your Own Bears

November 12, 2014

Tags: Blue Bunny Books, The Coziest Place, Jon Davis, Anika Denise, Baking Day at Grandma's, bears, winter, cozy, Peter Reynolds, The Dot

Yesterday I visited the famous children's bookshop The Blue Bunny Books and Toys in Dedham, Massachusetts for a Teddy Bear Storytime Party.

The Blue Bunny is owned by Peter Reynolds, bestselling author-illustrator of THE DOT and illustrator of the Judy Moody series, and his charming shop is every bit as magical as you might have heard.

I had the pleasure of reading THE COZIEST PLACE and dancing (more…)

The Little Crooked Cottage

November 7, 2014

Tags: The Little Crooked Cottage, Mr. Pig, children's book blog, Anika Denise, Kara LaReau, Kristen Tracy

From The Little Crooked Cottage blog. Illustration copyright by Christopher Denise.
"Who's the pig?" you ask. He's the reason I haven't updated this website for a while. (Although I plan to update a lot more this year.)

Meet Mr. Pig, star of the The Little Crooked Cottage, a children's book blog I created with friends and fellow authors Anika Denise, Kara LaReau, and Kristen Tracy. (more…)