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So You Want to Catch Bigfoot?

Illustrated by Mark Fearing
Candlewick Press, May 2011
ISBN 978-07636-5550-1 (hardcover)

As seen in the film "Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer."

and YOU can find him! Here is everything you need to know about this huge, smelly, mysterious creature:

* What it is
* How and where it lives
* What it eats (not humans)
* And much more!

Once you're prepped, then it's on to finding and catching the big, hairy fellow yourself. So pack your gear and let's go!


"Bigfoot enthusiasts rejoice. This Bigfoot Society of America official guide . . . provides essential information concerning that evasive beast. Divided into two parts, providing descriptions of Bigfoot's private world and advice regarding how to locate Bigfoot, this satirical book, credited to a bogus scientist representing a nonexistent organization, is designed for fun more than fact. Most readers of all ages will laugh at the humorous text and illustrations which depict commonly accepted Bigfoot lore. This guide addresses skeptics' claims Bigfoot is a hoax and examines theories that Bigfoot is an alien, giant ape, or upright bear. A double-page spread diagram showcases Bigfoot's anatomy and dimensions. The text summarizes Bigfoot's life cycle, behavioral patterns, vocalizations, and sign language; describes nests and dens where those creatures live; and highlights foods they crave such as peanut butter. . . This guide outlines how courageous Bigfooters can attempt to snare that creature, providing tracking tips, equipment lists, and trap instructions." --Children's Literature

"The search is over. SO YOU WANT TO CATCH BIGFOOT? is the last Bigfoot guide you'll ever buy." --Dylan Maxwell, Frog Neck Gazette

Fun and Games

Click here to visit the Candlewick Press site and download a Judy Moody movie activity kit.